james lowe took this

i made an impulse decision to make each song on my ep free to download for a few hours so, happy holidays: https://soundcloud.com/watercolours/sets/portals-ep-2013

x chelsea



my ep comes out tomorrow but i want you to hear it now: PORTALS



our clothes began as polygons
shapes enclosed and flat
we filled them in and woke them up
and watched the lines adapt

i went north to barricade myself inside a writing/cover art making trance. mostly i just became slovenly.
he would evaporate in the early hours and reappear when the day was ready to kick back for the night shift.
we'd fling our limbs at the beach then pile back into the car as the dark became imposing. he loves to point
out a neap moon and i love to lunge at the waterline and dart away as it tries to lunge back. it seems like
mutual bullying but me and the water, we both know we're just kidding around.

x chelsea jade
the north, september 2013, canon ae1, film



i've at last named my november e.p release 'portals' out of a current curiosity with the concept. it's kind of an
apt way to describe a cluster of songs built amidst the height of the content's potency. then inviting other
people to the brink of the portal, hoping there's buoyancy enough to transport them through in some way.

also, i'm currently stealing wifi from the business upstairs which is dormant on the weekends. it's a partial
retaliation for the loud walking they love to torture me with most weeknights. yeah, suck it.

chelsea jade
london, april 2013, canon ae1, film