a beautiful troop helped me fashion a music video and i want you to see it.

the quotes alexander and i gave to national newspaper website NZ herald :

"I pieced it together in my head by thinking of it ...as an exploration of a sculptural aesthetic...the elements of the sculpture being...everyday normal objects; chairs, clothes, light, people - especially Chelsea


I think a curious little narrative has emerged where all of the characters are witnessing something or headed somewhere that we are never privy to...it speaks about lateral thinking"

directed by alexander gandar
produced by tom townley
art direction by natalie smith + i
make up and hair by tanya barlow
assistance by ian brown + nikki castle + anthony ireland + kyle metcalf
space provided by FLAGSHIP STUDIO

martin paris
reuben stephens
hongi luo
paris kirby

morgan heron
melissa james

song production
james duncan

funded by

if you wish, you may buy the song here:

i hope you like it.

i'll catch you up on the most excellent video release party in the next few days.

x chelsea jade
pazzida video 2012

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